Imam Al-Husayn: Light in the Prophetic Household by Shaykh Ahmed Saad Al-Azhari

For the original article: Click here [Who are Ahlul Bayt?] Yahya b. Mu‘adh Ar-Razi once visited Al-‘Alawi Al-‘Umari who asked him: What do you say about us Ahlul-Bayt[i]? He replied: What can I say about plants watered by the water of revelation, clay mixed with the water of Divine Message? Nothing will emanate from them […]

Parenting: Planting the seeds of prayer in our young ones

Teaching our children and teenagers to perform obligatory prayers, and enforcing it, is a delicate and often stressful matter for families. What is the prophetic guidance on the matter? When and how is it best done? Parenting expert Hina Khan-Mukhtar sheds some light. I was driving a girlfriend to her house when my son Shaan called me […]

6 Questions on Islam Beyond Asking Google – Imam Afroz, Habib Kadhim with Peace Meal

In this unique event, Imam Afroz Ali joins Habib Kadhim AsSaqqaf to answer questions that had been gathered from the public in the weeks leading up to the event. The final six questions were then voted on and presented to the teachers to answer on the night. Here were the most popular 6 questions, as […]

The Merciful & Compassionate: A Selection from Ibn Ajiba’s Commentary on al-Fatiha by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Suraqah

Click here for the original link Renowned for its unique style, Ibn ‘Ajiba’s commentry of the Qur’an, Al-Bahr al-Madid (The Vast Ocean) combines traditional exegesis with spiritual contemplation, exploring the inner meanings of the sacred text. In this companion volume to Al-Madina’s inaugural publication, Prophetic Grace, Ibn ‘Ajiba explores the outer and inner meanings of the most […]

Bringing Certainty to the Heart: A Step-by-Step Guide by Ustadh Amjad Tarsin

The original link can be found here Imam ‘Abdullah bin ‘Alawi al-Haddad of Tarim, known as “The Pole of Inviting and Guiding to Allah” (Qutb al-Da‘wah wal-Irshad), was the reviver of the 12th century A.H. He was known to be a master of the inward and outward sciences of Islam, and he had a special […]

What are SeekersCircles? Help us form #100Circles

What would 100 SeekersCircles, all united in their quest for gaining closeness to Allah, look like? What SeekersCircles are free online community-focused study groups broadcast to centers across the world. Each study group covers key Islamic topics in an inspiring, engaging manner. SeekersCircles are led by some of our senior scholars and seek to promote (1) individual […]

True Hope by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

True hope isn’t a fragile state of restless expectation. Rather, it is the coolness of certitude and the calm of contentment in knowing the Beauty, Mercy, and Generosity of one’s Majestic and Tremendous Lord. “So whoever hopes for the meeting of their Lord, let them perform righteous deeds, and associate none with their Lord in […]

Being from the People of the Right by Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad

[Biography of the Noble Habib] Al Habib Ahmad Mashhur bin Taha Al-Haddad, was one of the most powerful Alawi influences in East Africa and is generally considered to have been the “Renewer” of Islam in those parts. He was born in the town of Qaydun, one of the towns of Hadhramawt, in the year of […]

Walking Light on Earth – SeekersRetreat 2015 Reflection by Sister Sevda

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. The Seekers Hub 2015 retreat in Marburg, Brisbane felt like your own Cave Hira (the cave in which the Prophet (Peace be upon him) sought solace). It was a space far removed from the everyday humdrum of life and its many luxuries. While the removal […]