From the Archives: Eid il Fitr – A Time To Be Thankful

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, Eid al-Fitr (Post-Fasting Festival) is one of the central days of celebration and festivity in Islam. It is a time to be thankful to Allah for the blessing of fasting the month of Ramadan, and the extra worship and good deeds performed in that blessed month. This day is also meant […]

HBO Film Follows Muslim Children In Quran Memorization Contest – Huffington Post

HBO Film Follows Muslim Children In Quran Memorization Contest – Huffington Post By Jack Jenkins c. 2011 Religion News Service (RNS) A new documentary follows three Muslim children as they travel to Egypt to compete in a tournament that requires young contestants to recite whole passages of the Quran, Islam’s 600-page holy book, from memory. […]

Videos: Ramadan Webinar 2011 – Imam Afroz Ali, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Ustadha Shireen Ahmed and Abdul Rehman Malik

In addition to teaching for SeekersGuidance, Imam Afroz serves on the SG Management Team as the Managing Director. He is also the Founder and President of Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences & Human Development ( based in Sydney, Australia. Imam Afroz conducts corporate training on a range of subjects, including Team building, Personal Leadership, Change […]

The Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr) & Reciting Qur’an – Imam al-Haddad

Imam al-Haddad in his work, Counsels of Religion, provided the following insights on Laylat’ul-Qadr and Reciting the Qur’an. Section: Fast-Laylat’ul-Qadr “In brief, the sagacious believer should be ready for Laylat’ul-Qadr ever Ramadan night. He must remain watchful and constantly engaged in good works. The important thing is that when it does come it finds him […]

If – Poem by Novid Shaid

If By Novid Shaid If you can unmask the masquerade Of life and its illusions then you have overcome, in truth, all obstacles of existence. If you can see the light of God shimmering through every moment there’s no-one that can equal you in this entire existence. If others sit wrapped in their minds ensnared […]

Mawlid with Imam Zaid Shakir, Shaykh Samir al-Nass and Birmingham Munshids

Mawlid with Imam Zaid Shakir, Shaykh Samir al-Nass and Birmingham Munshids “This is one of the most beautiful, passionate, and most deeply spiritual renditions of Imam Busiri’s Burda I have ever heard.” -Faraz Rabbani. In rememberance of the Prophet, peace be upon him, his family and companions, with Shakyh Samir al-Nass, Imam Zaid Shakir, Munaqib Nasheed […]

On Reflection (fikr) – Imam al-Haddad (Book of Assistance)

On Reflection (fikr) from: The Book of Assistance, Imam ‘Abdallah Ibn ‘Alawi al-Haddad (Allah have mercy upon him) Translated by: Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi, Madina     You should have a wird of reflection in every twenty-four hours, for which you should set aside one or more hours. The best time for reflection is the one […]