Breaking Barriers: Telling the Seekers’ Story

Earlier this week, the SeekersGuidance team found themselves surrounded by technical gadgets even they hadn’t worked with before. Lights, numerous cameras and even an electronic “action” board filled SeekersHub Toronto in preparation for a special SeekersGuidance project. Working with a Virginia based video production team, SeekersGuidance was capturing footage for a series of videos to […]

New Class: Arabic Grammar (Murabit al-Hajj’s Commentary on the Ajrumiyya) & Readings – Mondays 7.30 pm Eastern

New Class at SeekersHub Toronto & live online: Mondays (7.30 to 9.30 pm Eastern)  Arabic Grammar (Murabit al-Hajj’s Commentary on the Ajrumiyya) & Arabic Readings with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani begins: Monday, June 25 Register now (free)   [1] Arabic Grammar: Murabit al-Haj’s Commentary on the Ajrumiyya Ideal for people who have some previous exposure to Arabic […]

Reflections on al-Isrā wal-Mi’rāj – Transcending The History of The Event

TRANSCENDING THE HISTORY OF THE EVENT Reflections on al-Isrā wal-Mi’rāj © 2012, Afroz Ali Praise Be to God, Lord of the Worlds, The Compassionate, The Merciful. And, may the peace and blessings of God, The Exalted, descend upon the Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions, and their followers. Many past civilisations and nations left their […]

Unveiling Hijab – Free ebook by Imam Afroz Ali

UNVEILING HIJAB An Explanation of the Head Veil of the Muslim Woman INTRODUCTION He has created cattle from which there is warmth and many benefits for you; and from them you have food… Devotional observations are the fundamental tradition of any religion. Such observations can include matters concerning time, festivals and celebrations as well as […]

Imam Afroz Ali: Nature – It’s Time to Reconnect.

Is the modern human being sufficiently geared to absorb the the full purport of Allah’s message? This is the throbbing concern of Australian Muslim scholar and environmentalist, Imam Afroz Ali, who recently toured South Africa. The seasoned Fijian-born traveller and campaigner told Cii that he had found Muslims to be the least active community with […]

Prisoner found Islam — and then freedom –

Prisoner found Islam — and then freedom  – Andre Wiley’s freewheeling youth abruptly ended the night in 1989 he fired a hail of bullets at a hamburger stand, killing a man and wounding several others because their clothing marked them as rival gangsters. Wiley is a different man 23 years later. He’s Yusuf Wiley, […]

Don’t Wake Him Up – Short Story by Novid Shaid

Don’t Wake Him Up – Short Story by Novid Shaid “Whatever you do …. Don’t wake him up!” First he warned him, in a quiet and careful voice, but then, as they began descending the plummeting flight of stairs, which disappeared into the darkness below, the voice grew in desperation. “Don’t wake him up…You’ll regret […]