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SeekersHub Global Proudly Supports Celebrate Mercy

April 2nd – April 14th : CelebrateMercy Webcast with Dr. Umar, Habib Ali, Yasmin Mogahed and more! SeekersHub Global is a proud sponsor of CelebrateMercy.com’s latest global webcast, “The Rise and Call of Muhammad – Prophetic Patience in Mecca : Resolve without Revenge.” Focusing specifically on the precarious Meccan period of the Prophetic mission, CelebrateMercy.com […]

Good News – SeekersGuidance Has Tax-Exempt Status!

Around this time of year, the IRS is normally the last place anyone wants to receive a letter from. However, once in a while, even a letter from the IRS can bring good news. SeekersGuidance is pleased to announce that we have been granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status here in the U.S. This means that those […]

The Journey to Become a SeekersPoint – myWA (Muslim Youth of Western Australia)

myWA was started way back 2005, initially by two best friends who found that there were no organisations catering for the needs of young Muslims in Western Australia. In response, myWA was set up to provide “religious, social and educational activities” for the Perth Muslim Community. myWA was always run by young people for young […]

Birds of a Feather Hopefully Will Flock Together – A Muslim’s Reflections on the New Pope – Imam Afroz Ali

BIRDS OF A FEATHER HOPEFULLY WILL FLOCK TOGETHER A Muslim’s Reflections on the New Pope © 2013, Afroz Ali 1. BIRDS, FRANCIS AND THE NEW POPE I was somewhere in between Singapore and Sydney when fumata Bianca from the chimneys of the Sistine Chapel announced to the world of a new Pope who would lead […]

Islam’s Rational Monotheism – The Humble “I”

Islam’s Rational Monotheism – The Humble “I” Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad explains: ‘In the Western milieu, converts to Islam claim that they are attracted to what they regard as its clear, rationally-accessible teachings, unobscured by elaborate mysteries. It is not only insiders who wish to take this view. Non-Muslim academic accounts … now frequently draw […]

Studying Tips for SeekersGuidance’s Students

Studying Tips for SeekersGuidance’s Students 1. Recite the Imam al-Haddad’s Intention for Seeking knowledge before the class. It is good adab to have wudhu (ablution) before attending your class. 2. Schedule the live sessions into your schedule using a day-planner, especially if you are taking more than one class with SeekersGuidance. 3. Study in an […]

SeekersNotes: Exploring the Qur’an with Shaykh Yahya Rhodus – Class 3 Notes

SeekersNotes: Exploring the Qur’an with Shaykh Yahya Rhodus – Class 3 Notes In this week’s class, we finished Surah Naba. This week I was mostly trying to take in what Shaykh Yahya was saying and so wasn’t able to take comprehensive notes. Still, here are a few gems that were mentioned during the session. Till […]