Sayyiduna Ja’far: A Tale of Love and Sacrifice – Muwasala

To see the original article: Click here The following story was narrated by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah preserve him and benefit us by him). [The firmness of Sayyidune Ja’far] When Sayyiduna Ja’far’s right hand was cut off, he seized the standard with his left hand until that too was cut off. He then […]

Striking Necks: It Must Be the Kharijites!

To paraphrase an aphorism coined by a 20th century philosopher, those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them until they learn them. The earliest strain of extremism in Islamic history emerged in the late 7th century with the Kharijites, a sect that scholars have said will continue until the […]

The Rights of Our Hearts

By Abu Aaliyah (Surkheel Sharif), originally published on The Humble “I” Writing about the marvels of the human heart (‘aja’ib al-qalb), al-Ghazali states: ‘The honour and excellence of man, by which he outstrips all other creatures, is his ability for knowing God, transcendent is He. It is man’s beauty, perfection and glory in this world, and […]

Do you dare to break boundaries through breaking bread? – Sidi Bilal Hassam #BreakingBread

Do you dare to break boundaries through breaking bread? Sidi Bilal Hassam, of BritishMuslimTV and Penny Appeal, is daring everyone to take the Breaking Bread Challenge. #BreakingBread The challenge is to share food with friends, neighbours and strangers. Share your food, video record it, and post it on social media. Follow the challenge on the […]

Arabic, an asset or liability in schools?

This week, an American school’s foreign language department arranged for the US Pledge of Allegiance to be read in a different language each day for a week. The day it was Arabic’s turn, things didn’t go down very well. The school district superintendant, Joan Carbone, told the Times Herald-Record newspaper that the Arabic pledge had “divided […]

Comedian Azhar Usman Gets Serious

The folks at Diffused Congruence have a laugh with comedian Azhar Usman — “America’s Funniest Muslim” — “for a wide-ranging, free-form conversation that’s as incisive and introspective as it is hilarious. Azhar covers everything from the role of satire and humor in Islam to the recent tragic terror attacks in Paris — and that’s just scratching the […]

Hadith Guidance – Wuhu, Droplets and Forgiveness

Wuhu, Droplets and Forgiveness – Reflection upon Hadith In this article, Ustadh reflects upon the numerous hadith that relate that wudhu constitutes the forgiveness of sin. Ustadh mentions on Facebook, “If you make wudu with this Prophetic Objective you will definitely feel the difference in your wudu. It will be comes a means of worship […]

Imam Zaid Shakir in conversation

Diffused Congruence speak to Imam Zaid Shakir on “a founding member of Zaytuna College… on the school’s history and its mission, and then shares the amazing story of his own journey to Islam, in the process helping to add yet more layers to the ongoing tapestry of the American Muslim experience that we’ve been weaving together ever since our […]