VIDEO: Four Hindrances to Spiritual Growth (SeekersRetreat) by Imam Afroz

In this video recorded at the 2015 SeekersRetreat in Brisbane, Imam Afroz shared some short advice during the reflections in which he quoted from Imam Ghazzali’s ‘Minhaj Al-‘Abidin’ regarding the Four Hindrances in life and shared steps to overcome them. So what are the Four Hindrances that we should be aware of? Watch now: More from […]

“Your Attempts to Reach Allah are His Attempts to Reach You”

All night, a man called “Allah” Until his lips were bleeding. Then the Devil said, “Hey! Mr Gullible! How come you’ve been calling all night And never once heard Allah say, “Here, I am”? You call out so earnestly and, in reply, what? I’ll tell you what. Nothing! The man suddenly felt empty and abandoned. […]

FIJI: A Friend of Moderate Islam ~ Imam Afroz travels to his homeland

By Dilyar Hiwilla Imam Afroz Ali has concluded his one week visit to the Fiji Islands, as part of SeekersHub’s commitment to facilitating Knowledge Without Barriers to the Ends of Earth. What was to be only a visit to secure a SeekersRetreat venue, became a busy schedule to spread the message of co-existence, peace and […]

Ramadan: The Fortunate Ones, by Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said

Bismillah-ir Rahman-ir Raheem. Ramadan is a month of khair (blessings) and Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) chose it to be the month of the Qur’an, and He chose for it a special form of ibadah, fasting, which is one of the pillars of Islam.  As Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) said in Surah Al-Baqarah (183): “O you who have believed, decreed […]

The Powerful Dua of a Parent

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful All praises are for Allah SWT, the most Compassionate, the most Forgiving. Salutations and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad SAW, his family and companions. Oh Allah, I submit myself to You. I realise that parenting a child is a very difficult task and […]

Help Us End Extremism and “Ugly Islam” – An appeal by Brother Anton

Assalamu alaykum, The other day, Anton Kuratnik was monitoring our help desk and answering some of the questions we receive from students. Then he came across a question that he never thought he’d never see. “Because of the violence, chaos, and political instability [in much of the Muslim world], many Muslims are unable to find […]

Raising a Muslim with Manners by Hina Khan-Mukhtar

I once asked a scholar for advice on what we should be teaching our children and he immediately responded, “Adab and akhlaq (manners and etiquettes). Parents don’t emphasize these enough anymore.” He went on to define “adab” as “the appropriate action, attitude, and response in any given situation”. Another scholar once said, “Adab beautifies everything it touches. […]