FIJI: A Friend of Moderate Islam ~ Imam Afroz travels to his homeland

By Dilyar Hiwilla Imam Afroz Ali has concluded his one week visit to the Fiji Islands, as part of SeekersHub’s commitment to facilitating Knowledge Without Barriers to the Ends of Earth. What was to be only a visit to secure a SeekersRetreat venue, became a busy schedule to spread the message of co-existence, peace and […]

VIDEO: A Short Pre-Ramadan Reminder from Imam Afroz Ali

In this short pre-Ramadan Reminder, Imam Afroz Ali talks about building good character. He said that Ramadan is the time we should internalise those qualities that help us be a person of good character; not only during Ramadan, but beyond Ramadan as well so that when the next Ramadan comes, we will not be starting […]

Investing Right for Right Returns by Imam Afroz Ali

In any kind of investment, amongst the first things you will learn is that investment for profit requires a tried and tested step-by-step process. For example, property investment has a 6-step process for successful returns. And, in each of these portfolios for investment, accurate knowledge is number one priority on the list of steps. Spiritual […]

6 Questions on Islam Beyond Asking Google – Imam Afroz, Habib Kadhim with Peace Meal

In this unique event, Imam Afroz Ali joins Habib Kadhim AsSaqqaf to answer questions that had been gathered from the public in the weeks leading up to the event. The final six questions were then voted on and presented to the teachers to answer on the night. Here were the most popular 6 questions, as […]

Walking Light on Earth – SeekersRetreat 2015 Reflection by Sister Sevda

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. The Seekers Hub 2015 retreat in Marburg, Brisbane felt like your own Cave Hira (the cave in which the Prophet (Peace be upon him) sought solace). It was a space far removed from the everyday humdrum of life and its many luxuries. While the removal […]

Press Release: SeekersHub Launches Global Study Circle on “Critical” Islamic Issues

22 January, 2015 Toronto | Sydney | Auckland A new global study circle aims to engage and inform on current Muslim issues. The Circle is being broadcast online via — a global learning platform facilitated by SeekersHub Global, with offices in Canada and Sydney. The new circle is seen as critical in the wake […]

Walking Light on Earth – A SeekersRetreat in Brisbane, Australia – April 2015

When: 2nd April – 7th April, 2015 Where: Brisbane, Australia Who: Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Imam Afroz Ali, Habib Ali Zainal Abidin al-Hamid and the Singapore Haqqani Ensemble. Registration Closes: 31st January, 2015 This year’s SeekersRetreat, based on the theme “Walking Light on Earth”, aims to awaken in ourselves a clear purpose of our existence in […]

Striving for the Middle – Knowing Yourself to Know God – A Reflection with SeekersPoint Melbourne

Knowing Yourself in Melbourne The local Melbourne Muslim community was blessed again with the presence of Imam Afroz Ali for a life changing workshop on Knowing Yourself to Know God – A practical workshop on knowing our outward and inward states to find our centre and genuine self to know our Lord, Allah. On a […]

Make Your Soul Right and Allah will Make the World Right – Reflections from SeekersPoint Perth

SeekersPoint Perth were graced with the honour of hosting our beloved teacher Imam Afroz Ali once again in Perth for a knowledge weekend, that ran from 26th September – 29 September, 2014. Imam Afroz participated in two main events and left the local seekers energised and re-focused with what’s really important in life, seeking ways to become closer to Allah. ‘Community Response to Extremism’
 The event […]

Imam Afroz Ali comments on The Open Letter to Baghdadi – Australian ABC News Video

A group of leading scholars of Islam have written an open letter to the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in response to the atrocities committed against local communities as militants advance through Iraq and Syria. Imam Afroz Ali discusses some of the key parts of the letter with Beveley O’Connor, of […]