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The Hidden One’s – A Debut Novel by Novid Shaid

They pass us on the street; they serve us in shops; they go to our schools, but their profound realities are hidden… They are the hidden ones and the light that protects them ensures that they will remain hidden until the end of time. Layla, Khadim and Rose live in an average town in the […]

Law & Love, A Short Story by Novid Shaid, 2014

  “We have three reliable witnesses,” explained Mullah Ameer, “who are ready to testify that Azmat Khan consumed whisky and consorted with an unknown courtesan during his nephew’s wedding.” And with that, he gazed across the bare room, where Mullah Ghazi sat against the wall, resting against a cushion. The latter looked worried, like his heart was aching. […]

La Ilaha Illalah! – Poem based on Qasida Burda – Novid Shaid

La Ilaha Illalah! By Novid Shaid, 2011 Sing it with sincere ardour! Drink it in with cheer and fervour! The authentic formula! La ilaha illalah! Hear it echo in your dreams! Wear this credo with esteem! It’s the manifesto supreme! La ilaha illalah! Through it strengthens certainty! View it with sincerity! Imbue it, oh humanity! […]

Poem: Arise Dear Friend! – By Novid Shaid

Poem: Arise Dear Friend! – By Novid Shaid Arise Dear Friend! And contemplate the Real World For I need your help as time is running out If I have no companion here to help me, My eyes will close Then sleep will cast me out. Arise dear heart! And see who truly lives Behold the […]

Don’t Wake Him Up – Short Story by Novid Shaid

Don’t Wake Him Up – Short Story by Novid Shaid “Whatever you do …. Don’t wake him up!” First he warned him, in a quiet and careful voice, but then, as they began descending the plummeting flight of stairs, which disappeared into the darkness below, the voice grew in desperation. “Don’t wake him up…You’ll regret […]

Poem: Prayers On The Prophet: Part Two – Novid Shaid

Prayers On The Prophet: Part Two A Humble Homage To Ad Dalaailul Khayraat: Part Two *** By Novid Shaid, 2011 *** For Shaykh Ahmed Babikr and the Saturday Night Dalaail *** In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Kind Verily Allah and His Holy Angels on high Send prayers upon our Prophet, most noble […]

The Orphan’s Song For The Kaaba By Novid Shaid

The Orphan’s Song For The Kaaba By Novid Shaid This narrative poem is based on famous Sufi tales about amazing acts of sacrifice and journeys on the way to Hajj. The Orphan’s Song For The Kaaba By Novid Shaid When I was fresh, new, swaddling babe My mother’s poor spirit flew away And my father […]

The Smile – Short Story by Novid Shaid

The Smile By Novid Shaid, 2011 The billionaire stared into the pristine mirror, calmly rinsing his hands, smiling to himself, with a broad, billion dollar smile. He oozed with unadulterated wealth. With riches, that sent a pulse of sweetness shivering through his body. For he had once lived a dreadfully poor life as a child, and now, […]

Poem: The Would-Be Sufi and the Would-be Salafi by Novid Shaid

The Would-Be Sufi and the Would-be Salafi By Novid Shaid, 2011 www.novid.co.uk Once there were two neighbours who were locked in a rivalry, for one was a would-be Sufi and the other a would-be Salafi. “You’re a man of shirk and innovation!” argued the Salafi, “You’re an arrogant man,” smiled the Sufi, “You lack spirituality!” […]

The Lover, The Singing Birds of Baghdad and the Mythical Story of Inshaad – Novid Shaid

The Lover, the singing birds of Baghdad and the mythical story of Inshaad By Novid Shaid, 2011 Once there lived a lover from Baghdad Who loved God so much it nearly turned him mad If he did not settle his nerves quite soon He would disintegrate into a fiery pool. . So he roamed the […]