O Ramadan – Poem By Sidi Aashif Sacha

O Ramadan By Aashif Sacha O Ramadan, you are our noble guest, O Ramadan why must you leave so soon, O Ramadan, It felt like yesterday I saw your new moon, O Ramadan, you surely put our faith to the test, O Ramadan, you have waken our soul, O Ramadan, you have filled up that […]

Lesson of Life – Poem by Leila Adam

                  Lesson of Life by Leila Adam So, your Lord didn’t send you on a Great Quest To a famous noble sheikh for a teacher. Instead He sent you an annoying request From a brother John or sister Khadija.   Do you doubt the Source of your […]

La Ilaha Illalah! – Poem based on Qasida Burda – Novid Shaid

La Ilaha Illalah! By Novid Shaid, 2011 Sing it with sincere ardour! Drink it in with cheer and fervour! The authentic formula! La ilaha illalah! Hear it echo in your dreams! Wear this credo with esteem! It’s the manifesto supreme! La ilaha illalah! Through it strengthens certainty! View it with sincerity! Imbue it, oh humanity! […]

Poem: Arise Dear Friend! – By Novid Shaid

Poem: Arise Dear Friend! – By Novid Shaid Arise Dear Friend! And contemplate the Real World For I need your help as time is running out If I have no companion here to help me, My eyes will close Then sleep will cast me out. Arise dear heart! And see who truly lives Behold the […]

Prophetic Spring & The Merciful King – Poem by Imam Afroz Ali

Goes and comes back, the season’s springs; Wilting flowers away as sunlight eventually recedes. But glad tidings – there exists an everlasting spring that never depletes; That the Lord of springs has sent as mercy to the worlds. It is the Prophetic Spring; it is an everlasting spring In the fertile hearts of the Believer; […]

Poem: Prayers On The Prophet: Part Two – Novid Shaid

Prayers On The Prophet: Part Two A Humble Homage To Ad Dalaailul Khayraat: Part Two *** By Novid Shaid, 2011 *** For Shaykh Ahmed Babikr and the Saturday Night Dalaail *** In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Kind Verily Allah and His Holy Angels on high Send prayers upon our Prophet, most noble […]

For Him, By Him, With Him – Poem by Imam Afroz Ali

Is your sight fixed on the One who Nourishes you? Do know that only He is Self-sufficient, worthy of Praise. But it may be that you do not see Him Nourish you; Oh how wasteful your sight is, if you missed His Gaze! There exist marvels of beauty around you; More Beautiful is He though, […]