The Rights of Our Hearts

By Abu Aaliyah (Surkheel Sharif), originally published on The Humble “I” Writing about the marvels of the human heart (‘aja’ib al-qalb), al-Ghazali states: ‘The honour and excellence of man, by which he outstrips all other creatures, is his ability for knowing God, transcendent is He. It is man’s beauty, perfection and glory in this world, and […]

The Muslim Standard of Excellence in Work and Life – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani shares seven principles principles for making our work an act of worship. These are seven principles understood clearly from the Qur’an and Prophetic Sunna: 1. Purpose Make your life, career, and work truly a means to seek Allah Himself. 2. Seeking benefit Seek Allah in work by seeking true benefit: for yourself […]

Characteristics to be Adopted: Controlling the Tongue – Imam Zaid Shakir

Article reposted, with thanks to NID and Imam Zaid Shakir Note: The following characteristic is especially relevant in Ramadan, as one of the objectives of the fast is to control the tongue. Ibrahim al-Nakha’i, on of the teachers of Imam Abu Hanifa, may Allah have mercy on them both, mentioned: “The people ruined before you were […]

On Reflection (fikr) – Imam al-Haddad (Book of Assistance)

On Reflection (fikr) from: The Book of Assistance, Imam ‘Abdallah Ibn ‘Alawi al-Haddad (Allah have mercy upon him) Translated by: Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi, Madina     You should have a wird of reflection in every twenty-four hours, for which you should set aside one or more hours. The best time for reflection is the one […]

Video: How to connect your heart with Allah – Habib Umar

YouTube – How to connect your heart with Allah – Habib Umar presents “How to connect your heart with Allah – Habib Umar”. This lecture was delivered by Habib Umar and translated by Shaykh AbdulKarim Yahya on Saturday 30 April 2011 in Sydney as part of Habib Umar’s world tour.    

Photoessay: Distance and Closeness in Madina – almiskeenah

Photoessay: Distance and Closeness in Madina – almiskeenah Understanding closeness to Allah through reflecting on distance and photography of urban architecture of Madina. …while wandering the Madanian streets, a stream of swirling thoughts tend to take over…what struck me here was ‘distance’…the physical distance between this street scene and Masjid Nabawi, tucked in behind the […]

The Personal Arrogance Checklist

The Personal Arrogance Checklist by Abdul S. Ahmed “The kettle only fills the cup when its spout is lowered A teacher can only benefit others when he lowers himself before Allah.” A person might be arrogant, proud, ostentatious or have elements of those qualities if (PLEASE note I have said MIGHT – make your own […]

Videos: Ustadh Yahya Rhodus on Disciplining the Soul

Videos: Ustadh Yahya Rhodus on Disciplining the Soul A lecture series based on two sections in the third quarter of Imam al-Ghazali’s Revival of the Religious Sciences (Ihya’ Ulum al-Din). This course will delve into the foundational principles of disciplining one’s soul, offering a theoretical framework of how this is achieved. Brought to you by […]