Medinan Nights: The Life of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ - Part Two

Instructor(s): Ustadh Abdullah (Anik) Misra
Format: 12 downloadable sessions, 3 live sessions
Starts On: Not currently offered.
Length: 1 term(s) - 12 weeks
Course ID: GEN220
Department: Prophetic Guidance
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Course Summary

The Medinan period of the Prophetic Biography (Seerah) takes us into the life of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) starting from the Great Migration (Hijrah) to Madina, including his 10-year residency there, until his passing and a brief account of what occurred in the 30 year reign of the Four Righteous Caliphs afterward.  Each lesson will look at a specific period of time, and the events and episodes which took place during those times, and what lessons a Muslim can take from those incidents to benefit their faith, practice and interaction with others.

Lesson Overview

1. The Great Migration and Arrival to Medina
a. The Journey to Medina
b. The Sojourn at Quba
c. The Arrival and Illumination of Medina

2. Building Medinan Society
a. A brief history of Medina and its peoples
b. The building of the Prophet’s mosque (peace and blessings be upon him)
c. The ties of brotherhood between the Emigrants and Helpers
d. The Charter of Medina

3. The Test of Survival Begins
a. External threats and skirmishes
b. New laws revealed
c. The Battle of Badr
d. The betrayal of Bani Qaynuqa’

4. Uhud and its Aftermath
a. The Battle of Uhud
b. The Expulsion of Bani Nadir
c. Events in Medina

5. The Battle of the Trench and the Internal Threat
a. The Battle of Bani Mustaliq
b. The Slander of Sayyida Aisha (may Allah be pleased with
c. The Battle of the Trench
d. The expedition against Bani Quraydha

6. The Treaty of Hudaybia
a. The Treaty of Hudaybiya
b. The Battle of Khaybar
c. The detachments sent to kings and rulers
d. The Battle of Mu’tah

7. The Conquest of Mecca
a. The Conquest of Mecca
b. The Campaigns of Hunayn, Taif and Tabuk
c. The Return to Medina

8. The Year of Delegations and the Farewell Hajj
a. The arrival of the delegations
b. The Farewell Hajj
c. The Establishment of Islam in Arabia

9. The Last Days and Passing of the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him)
a. The final illness of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)
b. The passing of the Mercy to the Worlds (peace and blessings be upon him)
c. The aftermath and Abu Bakr’s leadership

10. A Brief Overview of the 4 Rightly-Guided Caliphs
a. The caliphate of Abu Bakr (may Allah be well pleased with him)
b. The caliphate of Omar (may Allah be well pleased with him)
c. The caliphate of Uthman (may Allah be well please with him)
d. The caliphate of ‘Ali (may Allah be well please with him)

11. Still in Our Lives
a. The view of the Salaf regarding all things related to the Prophet (peace be upon him)
b. How the later Ummah connects to the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him)
c. Upholding the Prophetic Way today and the Obligations of Love

12. The Prophet’s (peace and blessings be upon him) Role in the Events of the Hereafter
a. On the Day of Judgment
b. At the Pool
c. The Prophet’s (peace and blessings be upon him) company in Paradise

Requirements & Prerequisites

Completion of the Meccan Dawn course or equivalent is recommended but not necessary.


As I listened to lectures, it was as if I could almost envision the scenes and learning his (Allah bless him and grant him peace) seerah certainly makes you feel close to him. I experienced happy, sad, and painful moments through this Medinan Journey with the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace). Importantly, we were given 'take home' lessons that served a practical function in our daily lives and not just technical information. 
(Amina W, New York, Winter 2012 Student)