The Life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: Madinan Period

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Format: 0 downloadable sessions, 11 live sessions
Starts On: Not currently offered.
Length: 18 weeks
Course ID: SHLIV175
Department: Prophetic Guidance
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Course Summary

This live class is held each week on Sundays at 1:30 pm Toronto | 10:30am Los Angeles | 6:30pm UK | 9:30pm Makkah | 5:30am (Monday mornings) Sydney.

During the eleven classes, Sayyid Mohammed Assagaf will explore the  life of our beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace). This course aims to increase one in knowledge and love for the Prophet, and connection to him. This course focuses on the Madinan period (622-630 CE)

This class is held live at SeekersHub Toronto ( / 2355 Royal Windsor Dr, Unit 10, Mississauga, ON L5J 1K6 / map: In-person attendance is highly encouraged for those who are able. Like all Seekers programs, this class is free--powered by Knowledge Without Barriers.

Course Details

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Lesson Overview

1. Year 1 A.H.: The arrival to Madina and the establishment of the Prophetic Mosque

2. Year 2 A.H.: The Great Battle of Badr 

3. Year 3 A.H.: The Battle of Uhud 

4. Year 4 A.H.: The Battle of Bani al-Nadir

5. Year 5 A.H.: The Battles of the Trench and Bani Quraydah

6. Year 6 A.H.: Treaty of Hudaybia and the Pledge of Ridwan

7. Year 7 A.H.: The Battle of Khaybar and Umrah Al-Qada’a

8. Year 8 A.H.: The Conquest of Mecca and The Battle of Hunayn 

9. Year 9 A.H.: The Delegates entering Islam and the Battle of Tabuk

10. Year 10 A.H.: The Farewell Pilgrimage

11. Year 11 A.H.: The last days and passing

Requirements & Prerequisites



"You often hear people recount stories from the Seerah of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and each person does it differently. On rare occasions; you experience a moment so real, it’s as if you were actually there. Ustadh Mohammed Assagaf’s Seerah class is one big moment. It leaves you thinking, "I've always known this happened, but I've never actually felt it.""

Farris,  SeekersHub Toronto student

“Often I will recount something that is mentioned in the lessons with Ustadh Mohammed, some food for the heart and some retelling of an incident that, though heard before, is offered with more insights than I've experienced before. I love the lessons as our teacher offers a fine combination of akhlaq and knowledge. I feel like he has a deeper relationship with the sahabas as he mentions their names and tells their stories and even, in the lesson the battle of Uhud spoke of them as though he was watching the scene "on the right stood so-and-so and on the left so-and-so.”

SeekersHub Online student