Volunteer Opportunities

“Volunteering at SeekersHub Global has taught me about the true meaning of adab, by working within the close team of people that makes SeekersHub Global what it is. It was so refreshing coming to work in this blessed environment; here we actually care about one another and the work that we do. The work is challenging, it’s fast paced and as we see our projects coming together and producing results, it’s immensely rewarding too.” Michelle, SeekersAcademy Director



SeekersHub Global welcomes enthusiastic and skilled individuals, who support our vision and goals, to apply to join our team. Our team is largely made up of volunteers, who enable us to maintain and develop our services, and to reach out to a wide community both on-line and on the ground.

To apply for any of the opportunities below, please send your resume, with details of the position that you are applying for, to our HR Department: hr@seekersguidance.org

Student Affairs Team Member
The role:
To help maximize the students’ benefit from courses, by coordinating the following along with the team:

We’re looking for someone who is:

Answers Editors
The role:
To help increase the number of Answers available to seekers, by making necessary edits to existing Answers.

We’re looking for someone who has:

PA to the Academy Director (Toronto based)
The role:
To provide general administrative support to the Global Academy Director, including:

We’re looking for someone who:

Educational Resources Team Member – Webinars

The role:

To work with a team to coordinate beneficial educational webinars, by:

We’re looking for someone who:

Teaching Assistants
The role:
To help maximize the students’ benefit from courses, by:

We’re looking for someone who is:

Some of our team members say:

“I have been very lucky to be chosen by Allah to work at SeekersGuidance. The SG crew is very friendly, sincere and selfless. Everyone’s opinion counts at SG, even the new recruits. The workload and the hours spent are not wasted, rather they become very sweet once you remember you’re doing it for the sake of Allah.” Saud Hanif, SeekersGuidance Student Support

“Volunteering your time to assist SeekersGuidance in producing affordable and quality Islamic educational services is an excellent way to fulfill the Prophetic directive to convey his message, even if it’s only one verse of the Holy Qur’an. That one verse could change someone’s life. So do your part, on whatever level you can, to be of service to the Muslim community by promoting the spread of sacred knowledge.” Zaynab Ansari Abdul-Razacq, Teaching Assistant & Consultant

“As Muslims, we are accountable for every single breath that we take, and how we utilize our time in the most effective manner. Volunteering at SeekersGuidance is a way of spending one’s short moments in this duniya in a way which will be insha Allah pleasing to Allah Most High. It is a way of spreading Islam in its most pristine form, not only in the West, but all over the world. This is an important task during a time in which Muslims/ Islam are stereotyped and misunderstood by the vast majority of society at large. As a volunteer, I know I can make a difference, contribute, and help others.” Shireen Ahmed, Course Development Co-ordinator

“It’s amazing how SeekersGuidance has come a long way from offering just two courses to about 18 now, masha Allah! It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the dedicated team of volunteers running the show! It just goes onto to show how far pure intentions can take us. The main reason for me to volunteer here is that I know that my work means something to a lot of people – people who are trying their very best to reach Allah Himself.” Ahsan Irfan, SeekersLounge Developer & General Volunteer

“honor and privilege…” Ibraheem Shakfeh, Copy writer