What is SeekersSteps?

The SeekersSteps Curriculum provides a clear path of Islamic learning–from essentials to mastery–as a means of seeking Allah Most High, reviving Prophetic guidance, and serving Allah’s creation.

The SeekersSteps curriculum:

1. Provides a clear path of Islamic learning by:

  • Facilitating Islamic education for all students–by providing knowledge without barriers of cost or access.
  • Giving a clear step-by-step continuum of learning–from essentials to mastery–with clear learning outcomes, expectations, and assistance.

2. Is a means of seeking Allah Most High, reviving Prophetic guidance, and serving Allah’s creation, by:

  • Guiding the student to practically implement what they learn and transform their personal lives based on the Prophetic example, in seeking Allah.
  • Nurturing Prophetic concern in the student, so that they can be catalysts for positive change–through service, calling to guidance, and spreading beneficial knowledge within their community and in this world.
  • Developing seekers of knowledge to become qualified teachers and scholars, with equal opportunity to males and females–through study, mentorship, and practical training.

The Five Steps

SeekersStep One: Essentials
Essentials provides the core Islamic knowledge that is necessary for every Muslim, with clarity, understanding, and confidence.

SeekersStep Two: Foundations
Foundations introduces seekers to core classical texts across the main sciences of Islamic knowledge. Foundations gives seekers a clear overview of each science; its key issues, concepts, and principles; and a solid foundation on which to deepen and widen their Islamic learning.

SeekersStep Three: Understanding
Understanding deepens the seeker’s understanding of the Islamic sciences through the study of intermediate-level texts.

Understanding gives seekers a deeper understanding of principles, proofs, and applications; encourages seekers to understand and apply the key tools of learning through research, collaboration, and case studies; and gives key skills that enable seekers to apply what they learn and to serve others through this knowledge.

SeekersStep Four: Advanced
Advanced takes seekers towards deep, nuanced understanding, through study of comprehensive texts in the Islamic sciences.

Advanced study includes study of such comprehensive texts; nurturing and testing thorough, nuanced understanding; and further cultivating the tools of learning through research, writing, and addressing real contemporary issues–both practical and intellectual.

SeekersStep Five: Mastery
Mastery develops true scholarship in the seeker, through direct tutelage under recognized senior scholars who are themselves masters in their field.