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Lessons from the Tremendous Character of the Prophet – from Busiri’s Hamziyya

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani shares powerful, practical lessons on living the beauty and excellence of Prophetic character through explanation of ten lines from the Imam Busiri’s poem on the Prophet, al-Hamziyya. (Lines 125-135) [Download the PDF handout accompanying this class]

These lines summarize the dazzling perfections, beauty, and virtue of the Prophetic character, and Shaykh Faraz touches upon how to bring this excellence into our lives through practical examples and commentary.

Imam Busiri states:

  • Every quality of his that you mention / He encompasses it in meaning;
  • A master whose laughter was smiling, whose walking / was dignified & whose sleep was light;
  • His character was but a sweet breeze / And his countenance but a rich garden;
  • All mercy, determination, & resolve / With dignity, guardedness, & modesty;
  • Hardship would never find him without patience / Not would joyous matters find him without dignity;
  • His self was noble, so ill would / not occur to his heart, nor vileness;
  • God’s blessings upon him were great / Making other great ones seem small;
  • His people acted ignorantly with him and he overlooked / For the way of the forbearant is to overlook;
  • He encompassed all creation in knowledge & forbearance / So he’s an ocean, unaffected by what they threw at him;
  • He considered your world so paltry you can’t / Ascribe holding back to him, nor giving;
  • A sun of virtue, conviction affirms that / he is the sun in rank and radiance.

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