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February Events

Story of Prophets Harun & Musa, peace be upon them

with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

Saturday, February 25th, 1-2PM EST at SeekersHub Toronto

Prophets Musa and Harun (peace be upon them) were sent to their people in a time of oppression and injustice. The rights of their people, Bani Isra’il, were denied; they were subjugated and killed. Their life stories contain great lessons in how one upholds Truth, restores Justice, and resists oppression–while speaking even to Pharaoh “with gentle words” as Allah commanded them, and remaining firm on calling both oppressed and oppressors back to Allah.

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Qiyam al-Layl (Night Prayer & Remembrance)

with teachers and fellow seekers

Sunday, February 26, 5AM EST to Post Fajr at SeekersHub Toronto

It is the most special part of the night – when blessing, forgiveness and nearness to Allah are close at hand. Join us for this special gathering of night prayer, inspirational reminders and remembrance of Allah. If you have wanted to make the night prayer a part of your regular devotion, this is a great way to begin – supported by a community of scholars and fellow seekers.

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