Steps Curriculum

A Step-by-step Curriculum

What is the Steps Curriculum?
STEPS provides a clear path of Islamic learning from essentials to mastery. In this step-by-step curriculum, students gradually deepen their knowledge and understanding at the hands of qualified scholars, while implementing what they learn as they progress.
Our unique curriculum has five clear steps that represent the key stages of learning.
What do I learn in each step?

Step One: Essentials — This step provides the core Islamic knowledge that is necessary for every Muslim to know with clarity, understanding, and confidence.

Step Two: Foundations — This step introduces students to core classical texts across the main sciences of Islamic knowledge. Students are given a clear overview of each science, and its key concepts and principles.

Step Three: Understanding — This step gives students a deeper understanding of principles and proofs, allowing them to apply the key tools of learning through research, collaboration, and case studies.

Step Four: Advanced — This step includes study of comprehensive texts, while testing thorough, nuanced understanding, and cultivating research and writing skills.

Step Five: Mastery — This step develops true scholarship through direct tutelage under recognized senior scholars, who are themselves masters in their field.


How do I register for Step One Courses?
Registration is currently open for Step One courses (classes start on February 27, 2016).

Foundations —
STEP One Course

Saturdays with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani at 10am

This course will give you a clear overview of the main Islamic sciences.

Beginning of Guidance —
STEP One Course

Saturdays with Ustadh Amjad Tarsin at 11.30am

This course outlines how to live Prophetic guidance – day to day, waking to sleep.